The events of this past Lord’s Day (both worship and the work party) brought to my mind the “Psalm of Unity” we sing after each presbytery meeting:

1 Behold, how good a thing it is, and how becoming well,
together such as brethren are in unity to dwell!

2 Like precious ointment on the head, that down the beard did flow,
even Aaron’s beard, and to the skirts did of his garments go.

3 As Hermon’s dew, the dew that doth on Zion hills descend:
for there the blessing God commands, life that shall never end.

(Click here for the tune.)

Indeed, how good it was, what a delight it was to see our congregation enjoying fellowship and laboring together. Just as the song lyrics indicate, it was a foretaste of “life that shall never end” – the unity we shall enjoy and the work we shall do in the new heavens and new earth!

Please reflect upon and savor the Lord’s kindness shown this past Sunday. Though our numbers are small, our church is devoted and supportive. Though our members might have different personalities, life experiences, gifts, and talents, we continue to draw closer together as one body with many members. Thank you all for everything you contribute to our shared ministry here at CPC! And let us give thanks to our Lord, who has brought us together!

You have returned to the busyness of weekly tasks, yet please do not forget the foretaste of God’s promised rest we enjoyed together just two days ago. Some might wonder, “How can anyone think this past Sunday was restful???” My response is that even the most strenuous tasks bring rest and refreshment when God’s people labor together for his glory and kingdom. The physical and mental exhaustion I felt Monday morning reminded me that all work remains under the curse of sin in this present age. But the spiritual rejuvenation I experienced reminded me that, when Christ returns, even the most “demanding” labors will no longer be wearisome; they will be part of the rest he has promised to give his people.

May God bless you this week as you seek to be faithful and fruitful in all your endeavors! And may he bring to remembrance the joy of your brothers and sisters laboring together this past Sunday!

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