Brothers and Sisters, while considering this topic, I ran across a video from Ligonier Ministries that I thought would be more helpful than another lengthy post! I hope you enjoy this short video by Dr. Stephen Nichols:

Click here for the original post on Ligonier’s website.

Next week I will seek to answer a related question, “Shouldn’t Christians love all people?” Certainly we, as believers, must learn to hate sin even as God himself hates it! But the more difficult portion of this week’s question – and the focus of next week’s question – is what it means to “love others.” Cultural Christianity, borrowing from modern culture in general, has adopted a very confused, convoluted understanding of love. As a result, the common (mis)understanding of “love” has caused even faithful believers to misinterpret and to misapply what God has commanded in his word. So, what do you think – shouldn’t Christians love all people? I look forward to posting a response next week!

And may this week’s post, as well as all the others, challenge and encourage you as you seek to love and to serve the Lord our God above all else!

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