Brothers and Sisters, this Sunday I will be heading to Memphis, TN for our denomination’s annual General Assembly – and the 50th anniversary of the PCA! Please be praying for all of the men who will be attending PCA GA this year, for the business we conduct, and for the future of our denomination.

Perhaps you have never paid much attention to what happens at General Assembly. Understandably, the proceedings can often seem remote and irrelevant to the regular activities in our local congregation, but I assure you that they are not. This week, I encourage you to read a few of the following articles and to check The Aquila Report as more and more people ramp up for our denominational gathering next week in Memphis. I will be serving on the Overtures Committee this year, so I have included a link for the overtures as well. By no means do I expect you to read all these articles or overtures, but I do encourage you to peruse them so you can gain some grasp of the current climate in the PCA.

PCA General Assembly HomepageSchedule & 2023 Overtures

PCA Post-Memphis – Revive or Divide?

The PCA – Tent or House?

The PCA at Fifty: A General Assembly Preview

Admittedly, the articles I have posted lean more in the “conservative” / “confessional” direction, but I urge you to examine other perspectives as well. Learn about our denomination and its history so you can learn to value and love it even more.

May the God of all grace bless all of you next week and those gathered at General Assembly as we all labor in building his kingdom!

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