What Will Heaven Be Like?

Since beginning these posts roughly 18 months ago, I have spent a great deal of time encouraging us to “disentangle” ourselves from the shackles of broad evangelical thinking. To do so, we must cast aside long-held assumptions, even those taught by beloved Sunday school teachers and faithful parents, so that we can relearn what the Bible truly teaches. When answering the question, “What will heaven be like?”, our response should be the same as with every other question we seek to answer, “What does the Bible say?”

Just as Christians divorce far too many spiritual truths from everyday reality, so too they dissociate “heaven” from the here-and-now. I stand guilty of doing so. What about you? Is your conception of heaven a bit of a downer (like mine once was) because heaven sounds like nothing more than an eternal praise and worship service? If so, I urge you to rethink your “heavenology” by reading the following article:

What ON EARTH Will Heaven Be Like

May God continue to change our thinking in all areas, even our conception of the joys that await us in the next life!

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