As we prepare to resume our teaching series this week, here is an excellent article I found several months ago:

“American Idolatry: The Golden Calves and High Places of the American Church”

The article is somewhat lengthy so I will not add many of my own thoughts this week. Please read the article! It is an excellent bridge between last week’s sermon (“Is This the Jesus You Know?”) and the golden calf incident (Ex. 32), which we will cover this Sunday evening. The idolatrous tendencies of those in the Old Testament, blending the Lord’s worship with the practices of surrounding culture, are no different than our tendencies today.

Worship is important, both in the Old and New Covenant. Treating it as a light matter – as something subject to emotional whims, personal desires, and cultural norms – is a dangerous spiritual game. If the Lord gave his Old Covenant people strict instruction about worship, and if God does not change, why would we presume we can worship however we want? Though we certainly have more liberty in worship than did Old Covenant belivers (cf. Gal 3:23-5:15), our newfound liberty in Christ does not give license to do whatever we want in worship (cf. Gal. 5:16-26).

After reading the article posted above, and in preparation for this Sunday, ask the “adverb questions” about worship: who? what? when? where? how? why? under what conditions? to what extent? Asking and answering those important questions forces us to think more deeply and fully about what worship is and why we worship the way we do. And as we tacke this important topic, may God bless our worship more abundantly than ever before!

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