Looking to the future is a complicated topic. On the one hand, considering new challenges and opportunities can be exhilarating. On the other hand, considering the sheer number of unknowns can be debilitating. Looking to the future can increase our faith in God’s promises. Or it can trigger a cascade of worry and anxiety, which shows how little faith we actually possess. Looking to the future is something we must do but is not always something we want to do. It makes us uncomfortable because we realize we are not in control. But, as Christians, looking to the future should increase our hope and trust in the Lord’s steadfast love, kindness, and mercy, all of which he has shown to countless generations of his people. Those few reasons – among many others! – are why looking to the future is such a complicated – and thoroughly draining – task.

I confess the same is true of me as I consider CPC’s future (and maybe the same is true of you). To paraphrase Rowdy Roddy Piper, “Just when I think I got the answers, God changes the questions.”

But rather than despairing over God “changing the questions,” I find myself thankful for him doing so. God’s plan is bigger than me. His plan is bigger than CPC or the PCA, this generation or that generation. God’s story of redemption spans the ages and will continue unhindered until its glorious conclusion at the return of Christ Jesus, which is the true “looking to the future” all of us should do more frequently.

What is the good work God is doing among us at CPC, and what will we look like a year from now? How do you and I fit into a collapsing American culture and changing American Church? Why are so many people around us actively, seriously seeking the Lord, and how can we evangelize them better? All excellent questions!!! But questions to which we do not have all the answers right now. So we must look to the future with faith and hope, trusting God to answer all our questions in his timing, while eagerly awaiting the return of our Lord and Savior.

The following articles have challenged me as I look to the future, and I hope they will do the same for you…

“Doing More vs. Doing Better” – Future plans don’t need to be bigger (by worldly standards) to be better.

“God’s Blueprint for His Mission” – Future plans don’t need to be innovative and culturally relevant; they need to be pleasing to God.

“Amaze the Next Generation” – Future generations don’t need to be amazed by churches; they need to be amazed by God.

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